A portfolio of innovative frontrunners

Current Portfolio

Our portfolio companies have groundbreaking technology and operate on a global market with the potential to sustain high margins over time.


The company has developed a a patented graphene hybrid material which has solved the long-standing agglomeration issue in graphene applications. By ensuring the graphene flakes remain separated and do not re-form into many layers and lose their unique properties, Aros Graphene® realizes the full potential for graphene in many industrial applications.


The company has developed a polymer based on by-products from the pulp industry. This polymer can replace several petroleum-based polymers in the specialty chemical industry, such as barriers in the packaging industry and components in adhesives and paints.


The company’s unique patented solar cells for electronic devices allow seamless integration with consumer electronics. This third-generation thin solar cell film can be used in indoor lighting, reducing the need for battery charging in electronic products.

Meva Energy

The company has developed its patented technology for industrial biogas extraction. Meva's unique technology converts low-value biomass residues into energy, providing conditions for manufacturing companies to become self-sufficient in energy at a low cost.

Cinis Fertilizer

Manufactures a circular and fossil-free mineral fertilizer, potassium sulfate, using a patented technology. This is achieved by utilizing by-products from Swedish pulp mills or electric vehicle battery production.

Apstec Systems

A security company with a world-leading technology for screening people to detect explosives, drugs, and weapons. What sets Apstec apart is its ability to screen many people simultaneously, allowing for cost and time-effective security management without creating long queues.


A producer of cathode materials for the battery industry. Its innovation enables an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and competitive battery, coming as close to a "green" battery as possible. Altris provides a battery chemistry using available and affordable materials.

Lignin Industries

A company that transforms lignin (a by-product of pulp paper manufacturing) into bioplastic. The company has high potential as it is highly profitable and sought after to use waste as a raw material to produce something that replaces fossil-based products.


Nanosized has developed a patented technology that enables the extraction of the world's purest water. The primary application for industrially pure water is in the washing of silicon wafers before and during the production of semiconductors and chips. The potential lies in significantly improved productivity, as impurities can damage the silicon wafers. The company focuses on the semiconductor industry, but there are other applications for Nanosized's disruptive technology.