Exeger to reveal new self-powered products at CES 2024

Jan 4, 2024|Exeger
As a proud investor in Exeger, we are thrilled about the unveiling of a diverse range of light-powered products in collaboration with industry-leading brands like Adidas, Philips, 3M, Urbanista, Voxx (RCA brand), and Tymphany.

New products showcased at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, from January 9th to 12th, are the following:

  • Urbanista: The launch of the second generation of light-powered audio products, featuring the Urbanista Los Angeles headphones and Urbanista Phoenix earphones.
  • 3M: Introducing the world's inaugural self-charging protective communications headset, integrating Powerfoyle technology to harness ambient light for continuous battery charging
  • Philips: Unveiling light-powered products such as a television remote and sports headphones
  • Voxx (RCA brand): Presenting a self-powered hearing aid under the RCA brand
  • Tymphany: Introducing a concept for a self-powered speaker

These collaborations exemplify Exeger's ability to drive innovation and create value across diverse industries. As investors, we are proud to be part of Exeger's journey and look forward to continued success.