Cinis has started production

May 8, 2024|Cinis Fertilizer

Our portfolio company Cinis Fertilizer has now started production of fossil-free potassium sulfate at its facility in Örnsköldsvik.

Just over a year after the first shovel was put in the ground, Cinis Fertilizer has now started its facility in Köpmanholmen outside Örnsköldsvik. It has a capacity of 100,000 tons of potassium sulfate per year.

The company's CEO and founder Jakob Liedberg states that it is a milestone in the green transition of agriculture:

"This is a green industrial project that has been realized in record time. Over the next few weeks, we will gradually increase production and we expect to be able to have full production during the second half of 2024. This means that we will contribute to reducing agriculture's carbon footprint already this year"

The company is also the first in the world to produce potassium sulfate with a low carbon footprint and with industrial by-products as one of the input materials using a fossil-free production method.

All potassium sulfate produced twill be delivered to the Dutch fertilizer producer Van Iperen International.

The plan for 2030 is to have six facilities in operation with a total production of 1.5 million tons of potassium fertilizer. This would make Cinis Fertilizer one of the world's largest potassium fertilizer manufacturers.