Cinis Fertilizer achieves milestone ahead of production launch.

Mar 27, 2024|Cinis Fertilizer
Molindo is thrilled to receive the news announcing successful realization of an important milestone as we anticipate the launch of production for our portfolio company, Cinis Fertilizer. Located in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, the team has successfully received the essential input materials, including sodium sulfate and potassium chloride, at the production facility.

The recent deliveries mark a crucial step in their journey towards sustainable fertilizer production. With excellent planning and execution, they have ensured the seamless flow of logistics of input materials.

In just over a year ago, the company embarked on an ambitious project with a vision to redefine sustainable agriculture. Today they are well on their way to realize this vision.

Molindo remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation and sustainability. With portfolio companies making impressive progress we reaffirm our dedication for driving sustainable growth

Read full press release from Cinis Fertilizer here >>

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