Atlas Copcos Pensionsstiftelse invests in Molindo

Feb 23, 2024|Molindo
We proudly announce a second investment in Molindo by Atlas Copco Gruppens Gemensamma Pensionsstiftelse. Following an initial investment made in April 2023, Atlas Copcos Pensionsstiftelse has solidified their position as a major shareholder in Molindo.

Expressing gratitude for the continued support, Morgan Sadarangani, CEO at Molindo, stated,

"We are delighted to receive continued backing from Atlas Copcos Pensionsstiftelse, a valued shareholder who not only supports our commitment to sustainable growth but also offers a valuable industry network."

Moving forward, Molindo will continue to support Swedish deeptech companies, providing financial backing and active ownership to both existing and new portfolio ventures. Several existing portfolio companies are currently advancing towards commercialization and Molindo will actively engage and contribute to their success.

About Molindo

We are an investment company established in 2017 with holdings primarily in private technology and innovation-driven companies entering commercialization phase. Molindo seeks opportunities with significant valuation upside and where we can contribute to value creation through active ownership and industry network. Our vision at Molindo is to be a leading investor in deeptech, driving innovation and propelling Swedish research and development to new heights.