Altris receives financial support from Swedish Energy Agency

Jan 11, 2024|Altris
Molindo Energy's portfolio company, Atris, has received backing from the Swedish Energy Agency under the Industrial Leap and NextGenerationEU programs. This support, totaling SEK 77 million, aims to facilitate the establishment of a pilot plant dedicated to producing sustainable and safe sodium-ion battery cells.

Altris stands at the forefront of sodium-ion battery technology, a sector pivotal in advancing the world towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. With a commitment to utilizing abundant raw materials and steering clear of conflict minerals and toxic elements like lithium, nickel, and cobalt, Altris's technology exemplifies innovation with a conscience. Its sodium-ion batteries not only promise exceptional performance metrics such as extended lifespan, enhanced safety, and adaptability to various operating temperatures but also an impressive energy density of over 160 Wh/kg, validated as best-in-class for commercial viability in sustainable energy storage systems.

With the aid of the grant, Altris plans to establish a pioneering pilot plant in Uppsala, Sweden. This not only marks a significant step forward in Altris's commercialization journey but also sets the stage for potential collaborations to achieve giga-scale production capacity alongside trusted partners.

For Molindo , Altris's success is a testament to the ingenuity of its technology and we continue to invest in groundbreaking companies alike.