Altris and Clarios announce collaboration

Jan 8, 2024|Altris
As investors, we're encouraged by the recent partnership announcement between Clarios and our portfolio company, Altris, focused on advancing sustainable sodium-ion battery technology for automobiles.

Clarios, known for its expertise in low-voltage battery solutions, and Altris, a leader in sodium-ion battery technology, have joined forces to meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

In today's automotive landscape, every vehicle, including hybrids and electric cars, relies on a dependable low-voltage energy source to power essential functions. As vehicles incorporate more advanced features, the need for sustainable low-voltage batteries becomes increasingly critical.

Sodium-ion batteries offer promise due to their sustainability and recyclability. Made from readily available materials like salt, wood, iron, and air, sodium-ion cells are free from conflict minerals and toxic elements. The collaboration aims to develop batteries capable of supporting automotive applications up to 60 volts, catering to both new vehicles and aftermarket replacements.

Altris will lead the development of sodium-ion cells tailored for the low-voltage automotive battery market. The ultimate goal is to establish a production plan for low-voltage battery systems, contributing to the industry's circularity goals.

In summary, the collaboration between Altris and Clarios presents an opportunity for innovation and sustainability in automotive battery technology. As investors, we see this partnership as a positive step towards meeting industry demands while promoting environmental responsibility.